Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gosh.. its been long

How many times do we wonder why have we not done something for such a long time. I would start with some examples that I have personally faced in my own life or have experienced it through someone’s a** on fire. Oh S***, did I just say the “A” word. Don’t worry it’ll not happen many times in the following lines.

Ya, so where was I. A**. Oh no, I was on things that we like to do or people we like to do (this sentence clearly means people that we like to hang out with), but we don’t do cuz of some of odd reasons like “oh yaar, I have been too busy to wipe my own a**”

Ok, so the list goes like this (includes all the things that are on our minds but we just ignore them cuz of this silly little things called sleep:

Not writing on your blog for a long time. (like right now)
Not taking a shower for days.
Not watching south park for a few days.
Not playing any kinda computer or a hand-held game.
Not checking your mail.
Not meeting your friends

Ok, I really don’t know what I am writing ,, its actually just another writing on the wall which means nothing. It’s been a month and I haven’t written anything, just haven’t got the time. I have something in my mind, but it’ll take time to materialize. Right now a lot of things happening in life, so probably by first week of November, I’ll post ,, post something good. Till then am under immense Blogger performance pressure.

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