Tuesday, July 8, 2008

पहली बार

"ये तो बहुत मजे का काम है। "

This is wat it would sound if this was an english movie with hindi dubbing. Till now the only time i have been able to guess hindi dubbing guy was Akshaye Khanna for spiderman. Sadly spiderman (the one with that geek guy turns into this spider web releasing machine or something ) was released in Hindi in Dehradun. No offences to spiderman, cuz am a very big fan myself. But this is not about or, as a canadian would say "aboot", why am typing some random words on the keypad. This is for all the times i have read a blog and gained something. I am sure that nobody has ever lost anything by reading a blog.

Although my personal favorites are the ones that get a smile on my face.

I dont know why it took me 1 year to write something in this space when i always wanted to write somewhere deep within. Deeper than the deepest and the darkest gorge in the world. lol. Ok now thats one thing i am going to use, there are days i go by just loling around. and its fun doin it, specially irritating people by loling. lol.

This account was created last july and it was forever ago, i was in hyderabad on a project then, being welcomed to the suck by my colleagues. So probably i thought i wud vent out my feelings by writing so i started maintaing a diary, a sort of a journal, which just never went beyond the next day, everyday. I used to write and then read and feel like an idiot and then write and do it. Finally this year my girlfriend gave me this diary with really bright green pages and ya it did work. I was a lil hooked to writing, not on a daily basis though.

Now its a boring tuesday afternoon, still 3 working days to the weekend and lots of work, but still i decided enough is enough ,, and now i am going to write, no matter what comes to my mind , body or soul, lol ,, bad one.


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